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IDA IDentification Automation Laboratory

IDA Lab – Identification Automation Laboratory - is a research laboratory of the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the Università del Salento, Lecce, Italy. The Scientific Coordinator (Head) of the IDA Lab is Luigi Patrono, Associate Professor in SSD ING-INF/05 at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the Università del Salento. 

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The "IDA Lab – IDentification Automation Laboratory" is a research laboratory focused on the Scientific Disciplinary Sector (the Italian SSD) ING-INF/05 of the Department of Engineering for Innovation at the "Università del Salento". 

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The main teaching and research activities carried out in the IDALab include: Design and Validation of innovative IoT systems, Design and Implementation of prototype systems based on embedded systems and sensors, Investigation of Fog Computing and Cloud Computing solutions and architectures ...

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Systems and Devices for the fast-prototyping of embedded environment such as Arduino, RaspBerry Pi, STMicroelectronics boards (like the STM Nucleo board), Texas Instrument devices (e.g., SensorTag), Seeed certificate Microsoft for Azure Sphere, etc., equipped with different types of sensors and actuators ...

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Computer Networks (ITA)
Computer Networks course aims to give a basic knowledge of computer networks in terms of the main protocols, applications, technologies currently used for the creation and interconnection of local and geographic networks.

Internet Of Things (ENG)
The Internet of Things course aims to offer a complete vision on how to design and develop smart objects and smart services based on hardware and software technologies enabling the Internet of Things. Particular attention will be paid to the creation and testing of the so-called smart environments.

 Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni -
73100, Lecce (Italy)
"La Stecca" building - first floor, Campus Ecotekne
 +39 0832.297330


Prof. Patrono Luigi, PhD

Prof. Patrono Luigi, PhD

University of Salento - Department of Engineering for Innovation

"La Stecca" building - first floor, Campus Ecotekne, Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni, 73100 Lecce (Italy)

Tel. +39 0832297330




Behavior Modeling for a Beacon-Based Indoor Location System Challenges to be addressed to realize Internet of Things solutions for smart environments

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