angle-left INSTANT - INnovazione tecnologica per valorizzare i Servizi Turistici erogati in Ambito culturale e migliorarNe l’accessibiliTà
Funding Type:
POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020—Asse prioritario 1—Ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico, innovazione—Azione 1.4.b—BANDO INNOLABS—SOSTEGNO ALLA CREAZIONE DI SOLUZIONI INNOVATIVE FINALIZZATE A SPECIFICI PROBLEMI DI RILEVANZA SOCIALE. Public notice and subsequent reissues. AD n. 144/13 of 08/02/2017—Section DD Research and Innovation Capacity Institutional n. 37 of 28 March 2017. Project code TMCL6S7.
Scientific leader of the research contract of the Department of Engineering for Innovation commissioned by the project industrial partner
Short Description:

The project aims to create services capable of making the art and cultural heritage of the city more attractive and accessible to tourists. The intervention is carried out with the use of technologies such as mobile devices, apps, Bluetooth Low Energy, wearable devices. The project also aims to experiment with an innovative system capable of making accommodation and tourist facilities more suitable for people with visual impairments through the use of low-power and low-cost technologies based on BLE.