angle-left SMART CODE - Un sistema di connettività intelligente per dispositivi pervasivi
Funding Type:
<<5 per Mille per la Ricerca>> - Calla 2013
Scientific leader for the IDA Lab Research Unit
Short Description:

The project's goal is to develop a support system for the development of pervasive applications with direct interaction between sensory and mobile devices, as well as to validate their performance. The validation of the proposed architecture, in particular, aims not only to verify its functionality and performance, but also, and most importantly, to perform a comparative analysis with the pull-oriented programming paradigm currently used in science and industry for application development. This significant achievement was made possible by the already existing scientific collaboration between the IDA Lab of the Department of Engineering for Innovation and two important international research groups, the DEEP-SE research group of the Politecnico di Milano and the Networked Embedded System Group (NES) of the Swedish research center SICS.