angle-left SMART - Un sistema innovativo per il Tracking di animali di piccola taglia basato su tecnologia RFID
Funding Type:
<<5 per Mille per la Ricerca>> - Calla 2012
Scientific leader for the IDA Lab Research Unit
Short Description:

The SMART project enabled the development of a tracking system prototype based on passive RFID technology in the UHF band, which was successfully validated using real laboratory animals implanted with passive RFID tags. The validation of the proposed hardware and software system allowed not only to verify its functionality and performance, but also, and most importantly, to perform an in-depth comparative analysis with tracking systems based on vision, which are currently used by animal behavior researchers. This significant result was made possible by the scientific collaboration of the IDA Lab of the Department of Engineering for Innovation, University of Salento, and the Child Health Research Centre of the Department of Pharmacology, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome.