angle-left SMARTGRID - Sistema smart per la gestione della sicurezza degli operatori in ambienti di lavoro con macchine mobili operatrici comandate a distanza
2020 - 2022
Funding Type:
INAIL, Bando Ricerche in Collaborazione (BRiC -2019). Piano Attività di Ricerca 2019-2021. Project ID 34
Scientific leader for the IDA Lab Research Unit
Short Description:

Design, implementation, and testing of a smart system that safely manages the entire work environment, which is characterized by the presence of remote-controlled mobile operating machines and operators. This system can acquire the mutual position of machines and operators in real time, thanks to a network of sensors arranged both on the machines and on the operators and an ad hoc tracking system, and ensures with the necessary reliability (i) the safety of operating machines with the removal of dangerous situations and (ii) the communication of the imminent danger to the operator.