angle-left TRANSISTOR - Tessuti in nanocompositi a base di gRAfene e seNsori wireleSs Indossabili a SupporTo del cOmfort teRmico
2020 - 2022
Funding Type:
INAIL, Bando Ricerche in Collaborazione (BRiC -2019). Piano Attività di Ricerca 2019-2021. Project ID 33.
Scientific leader for the IDA Lab Research Unit
Short Description:

The project aims to design and characterize innovative fabrics that are integrated with appropriate sensors for monitoring physiological parameters, with the goal of ensuring adequate thermal comfort of personnel exposed to various conditions in the workplace. All physiological parameters will be collected and sent to a software system that has been specially designed and implemented to monitor the thermal comfort of the workers and notify them of any anomalies.